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LIVE TEARDOWN: Marketing and Business Growth Hacks for Technology Partners

Tuesday, March 8, 2022


10:00 AM EST/3:00 PM GMT

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Ready for something a little different? Awesome!

Paul Green and Shannon Murphy will focus on advanced strategies that impact your ability to turn website traffic into customers. After attending this webinar, you will walk away with a greater understanding of the strategies that will allow you to make sure every cent you spend on marketing has a greater chance to turn into revenue.

In this webinar, you will:

Listen-in on a lightweight marketing audit

    for an MSP

See a live marketing consult where you

    hear both sides of the story - What does 

    the Partner wants to convey? What is the 

    best way to do that?

Get ideas you can implement immediately

Chat with our community and share your

    challenges and solutions

Learn from industry experts

Join our hosts for a live teardown and Q&A.



Paul Green

Head of Big Thinking

MSP Marketing Edge

Paul Green is an MSP marketing expert and author, based in the UK. Working with 500+ MSPs all over the world, Paul utilizes his chops as a former journalist and radio presenter to help his clients deliver timely content that engages. Members of his MSP Marketing Edge program improve their marketing and generate more leads with his guidance. He's also the author of  (and I LOVE this title) Updating Servers Doesn't Grow Your Business.


Shannon Murphy

Chief Marketer


As Chief Marketer at Zomentum, Shannon oversees brand messaging, GTM strategy, and co-marketing initiatives. She’s a consultant, speaker, and writer. After 15 years in B2B SaaS, she’s proud to help Zomentum lead the IT Sales Movement, enabling over 1000 Partners and 35,000 SMBs.

From Our Webinar Attendees

"A lot to take in. Great take aways thanks all"

"Thanks all, good points and great listening"

"Very good and very informative with ideas"