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MSP Growth Survey Results! An Insights Walkthrough

Thursday, March 17, 2022


11:30 AM EST/3:30 PM GMT

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A growth mindset is a key to your success!

More than a 125 MSPs shared their plans and expectations for future growth. Join us to understand your position among your peers in this dynamic market and focus on accruing more revenue this year. 

We asked MSPs about last year’s business growth, this year’s goals and targets, and most importantly, strategies to keep growing. Dave Sutton and Shannon Murphy will walk you through answers from your fellow technology partners, providing insights and advice that can positively impact your future business growth.

A few survey questions include:

How has the pandemic influenced your 

    decision to invest in Sales/Marketing?

Did your revenue increase, stay roughly the

    same, or reduce in 2021?

Do you have enough resources to keep   

    pace with current workloads? For how


What could keep you from achieving your

    2022 goals?

Will you invest more, less, or roughly the

    same in Sales/Marketing activities for your

    2022 growth plan?

Learn from industry experts

Join our hosts for the growth survey overview and QnA.



Dave Sutton

Managing Director

Wingman Marketing Ltd

Dave began his career with MSPs going to work for one at turn of the banking crisis. As a sales and marketing manager, he helped these MSPs grow, but had one issue. He couldn’t find a great agency to share his workload with. Dave spotted a gap in the market – there were literally no marketing or lead-gen agencies that actually understood what it is like to be standing in an MSPs place. That seeded an idea of what Wingman, his agency, is today — a comprehensive digital agency helping MSPs with tailored marketing and sales efforts designed to achieve growth goals.


Shannon Murphy

Chief Marketer


As Chief Marketer at Zomentum, Shannon oversees brand messaging, GTM strategy, and co-marketing initiatives. She’s a consultant, speaker, and writer. After 15 years in B2B SaaS, she’s proud to help Zomentum lead the IT Sales Movement, enabling over 1000 Partners and 35,000 SMBs.

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