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Standardization Sells: Don't Let Your Clients Bully You

Wednesday, 05 October 2022


10:00 AM PDT | 06:00 PM BST

When your MSP sales process lacks standardization, your business can quickly go off track. 

Even though clients want customized selling, it often leads to lower margins and fewer profits. It’s time to take control of your selling process with standardization.

Join us in our webinar to learn how to enable standardization in every aspect of your business—building, outsourcing, and acquisition—by using tools, templates, and workflows.

Tune in and discover how to:

What risks and obstacles are involved in standardization.

Why you need to adopt standardization.

How you can enable standardization.

What the secrets are to selling standardized services.

Learn from industry experts

Learn about the risks and obstacles IT companies face without standardized selling and how they can enable it to shorten sales time.



Yusuf Yeganeh

Managing Director

Microbyte Solutions


Ben Spector

Product Manager & Head of Solutions



From Our Webinar Attendees

"A lot to take in. Great take aways thanks all"

"Thanks all, good points and great listening"

"Very good and very informative with ideas"